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Parts of Jazz Archtop Guitars Defined

At Fine Archtops, we just love jazz archtop guitars! We realize that sometimes people throw around certain terms when describing various parts of guitars, so we thought we would take some time to list some of the main parts of jazz archtop guitars and what they mean. Action – This is the height between the… Read more »

Caring for Your New Archtop Guitar

No matter what kind of musician you are – professional or amateur, beginner or advanced – you want to be sure you are properly caring for your new custom archtop guitar. After all, a new guitar is an investment, especially a custom archtop guitar. So you want to make sure your new instrument will be… Read more »

Fine Archtops Has a New Look!

If you have ever been to our site before, then you might be noticing a few changes here at Fine Archtops! We are happy to announce that we recently launched a newly redesigned website! Take some time to browse through the site. One of our newly added features is our Wall of Fame. This is… Read more »

A Brief History of the Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic guitars have a long and rich history. After all, music is a common language and has been around for centuries. So it only stands to reason that acoustic guitars and acoustic archtops have been around almost as long! One of the earliest depictions of a guitar-like instrument was found on a plaque excavated from… Read more »

Woodstock Invitational Luthiers Showcase

Are you ready for a great show? See you at the Kingdom of Stringdom. The Woodstock Invitational Luthiers Showcase is an annual event for the community of acoustic stringed- instrument builders, players, collectors and aficionados, presenting a gathering of the finest handmade acoustic guitars and stringed musical instruments from around the world! A luthier (from… Read more »