Fine Archtops Mission

Fine Archtops is devoted to the archtop jazz guitar.  We bring together the customer and exclusive guitar luthiers who have devoted their lives to the creation of their magnificent custom instruments.  We celebrate the archtop as the pinnacle of this art.

Our Goal – To Connect You. 

Our desire is to provide you with unique access to many of today’s highly skilled archtop guitar makers.  Some have been building for decades and present a classic style while others are more recent to their craft and deliver new trends.  When you choose a guitar maker from the list to the right you will find a personal introduction to the luthier and his instruments along with a direct link to visit his website.  If you choose Archtop Luthier from the menu bar at the top of every page you will be taken to a page where all of our luthiers are showcased together.  From there we hope you’ll make a connection and help create the guitar of your dreams.

How We Can Help – Preparing Both Sides 

Be prepared to be patient.  In some cases, the luthier will have a waiting list.  However, they are part of a very close community and are interested in the success of each other to ensure the progression of their art now, and in the future.  You’ll find they will help guide you elsewhere if it’s not possible to meet your requirements or timeline.  Also, be prepared to answer specific questions.  The more you can articulate your preferences the more likely it is that together you will make your dream guitar become a reality.

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