New Luthiers on Fine Archtops

We are pleased to announce the addition of some new luthiers to the Fine Archtops website. We want to introduce them and welcome them to the Fine Archtops family.

First, we have a couple from Switzerland who are world-renowned for building intricate instruments that are both exciting to look at as well as play. Claudio and Claudia Pagelli work together to create custom guitars. The couple is at the pinnacle of their craft, and in many ways, in a class by themselves.

Claudio began his guitar building as a teenager. He started primarily building electric guitars and also repaired and restored basses and flattops. Then he discovered the wonder of the archtop guitar. Eventually, Claudia came along and began working alongside him.

Claudio is happy to have Claudia by his side building guitars. He said without her natural gift to create beauty, his guitars would look like they came from the stone-age. The team has indeed influenced a generation of luthiers, and they are proud to see their ideas being used by others who build guitars.

Claudio and Claudia build electric, flattop and bass guitars in addition to their archtops. They feel privileged to have a good reputation for building all types of guitars, and they are thankful for people putting their trust in their work.

Another Swiss luthier recently added to Fine Archtops is Nunzio Verdinero. Nunzio spent more than 20 years as a professional dancer, teacher and choreographer. He always had a great respect for the jazz guitar and players like Wes Montgomery. After finding a broken guitar at a flea market one day, he began the task of restoring it with no known skills to do so. This began his passionate journey of becoming a luthier.

Nunzio desired to learn about the guitar market from a luthier, so he sought out help from other guitar builders in Europe. However, he was not able to find someone willing to teach him. Finally tiring of the search, he went to a carpenter nearby and asked if he could build his first guitar in the man’s shop. Nunzio soon discovered he possessed an untapped creative talent and natural ability to work with his hands.

Nunzio now creates unique instruments in his small shop in Zurich. Using only the finest tone wood from Europe, his guitars combine cutting-edge design with beautiful engineering. He now takes pride in the fact of being self-taught, so he has not been over-influenced by any one luthier or cultural heritage. Instead, he lets his ideas flow freely to express what his view and his customer’s view of the instrument should be.

We are happy to welcome Claudio, Claudia and Nunzio to the Fine Archtops website. Please take a look at these luthiers’ archtop creations and learn more about them. Click Here to see the full list of Fine Archtops luthiers.