Claudio & Claudia Pagelli

World-renowned Swiss luthiers Claudio and Claudia Pagelli are at the pinnacle of their craft and, in many ways, are in a class by themselves. Claudio began his guitar building as a teenager. As he explains it, “Eventually, I came under the spell of the archtop—the most royal of them all. To me, designing these instruments’ curves and arches, while maintaining the required strength and still maximizing their tonal potential, is a balancing act of epic beauty.”

Claudia has been part of Pagelli Guitars for many years. Without her natural gift to create beauty, my guitars would still look like they came from the Stone Age. But, today they’ve influenced a generation of luthiers, and we’re proud to see our ideas in instruments built by others. This is our 35th year, and as long as people continue to make music, we look forward to the next 35!”

Here are just a few of the many accolades given them by their peers.

“In a world full of cloned guitars, Claudio and Claudia Pagelli’s breath-taking creativity feels like a breeze of fresh air. They have earned a place at the top of contemporary European and global lutherie. But above all else, they are great people.” – Leo Lospennato

 “Their work is an inspiration to anyone with eyes and ears.”- Harry Fleishman,

 “They have always been the model to follow, Their perfect blend of design flair mixing so tastily elements of the past with a real sense of modernism doubled with a true artistically perfect execution.” – John & Serge,

 “A true indication of a visionary’s influence is in the flattery of imitation. Claudia’s innovative visions and Claudio’s gift of realization have created a school of design that is so pervasive in contemporary guitar making that most observers would attribute the quick acceleration of the “new” style to some phenomenon of simultaneous discovery.” – Richard Hoover,

 Any way you put it, they are at the very top of their field and would be excited to help create the guitar of your dreams.

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