Introducing the “For Sale” Page on Fine Archtops Website

We are pleased to announce that we recently added a “for sale” page to the Fine Archtops website. This will be a great addition to the site, allowing luthiers and other guitar enthusiasts to post their archtop guitars that are for sale. It will also be a great place to find quality archtops to buy.

Many of the Fine Archtop luthiers have their own websites and places where they sell guitars; however, this will be another platform where they can showcase their beautiful instruments. In addition, other individuals who have an archtop they would like to pass on can use the service.

In order to post an instrument for sale on the Fine Archtops site, the seller just needs to pay a fee of $12 per month per instrument. This will be automatically renewed until the instrument sells or the seller decides to take it down. This fee offsets the cost of creating and maintaining the page plus payment processing. Fine Archtops does not take a commission from the sale. Instead, the seller keeps all funds and controls the entire transaction. The site is simply a catalyst for buyers to connect with sellers.

Any arched stringed instrument will be accepted to post for sale. This can include guitars and instruments in the mandolin or violin families. Gypsy jazz guitars are allowed as well. Since Fine Archtops brings so many musical enthusiasts together, we feel this will be a great way for luthiers and individuals to share their amazing instruments.

We know many people change guitars as they move up in skill level or decide to have a custom instrument built to their specifications. By having the option of using the Fine Archtops site to sell their instrument, they will be reaching other guitar enthusiasts who may just be starting or looking for a vintage guitar. In addition, by selling their current archtop, musicians are then able to finance a custom archtop from one of our many talented luthiers.

As an added bonus, the Fine Archtop luthiers are able to showcase some of their instruments to a wider audience of archtop enthusiasts.

Please take a look at the For Sale page on our site and check back regularly for new additions. We hope it will help you find the archtop guitar you’ve always wanted, or be able to Sell a Guitar in order to make room for a new custom archtop.

If you would like more information on how to post a guitar for sale on the new web page, call Fine Archtops at 612-366-7120, or you can Contact Us.