Frequently Asked Questions about Acoustic Archtop Guitars

Acoustic archtop guitars are one of the most popular musical instruments in the world. You can hear them in just about any genre of music: from classical to punk rock. Acoustic archtop guitars are pretty legendary, and the instrument has millions of fans. We are asked some of the same questions about these types of guitars, so here are some of the most frequently asked questions we get about acoustic archtop guitars.

gibson acoustic archtop guitar

acoustic archtop guitar


Q: How do you describe the sound of acoustic archtop guitars?

A: In music, there are several different terms you should know about. “Tone” is the quality that sets your guitar apart from ones made by other luthiers. “Volume” is how loud your guitar is. “Balance” refers to the relationship between the low notes and high notes in terms of fullness and volume. Well-made acoustic archtop guitars will have notes that sound equal no matter what note you are hitting.

Q: What can affect the tone of acoustic archtop guitars and other types of guitars?

A: The biggest factor affecting tone is the type of wood used to make the guitar.  The most common woods used in the construction of archtop guitars are various species of Spruce and Maple.  Other woods such as Koa, Mahogany, Black Walnut and various species of Rosewood can also be found. Recently, some luthiers have chosen to use certain species of environmentally sustainable woods that are indigenous to the region where they reside.

Q: How do I find acoustic archtop guitars?

A: While there are some big-name companies out there who manufacture acoustic archtop guitars, for your own unique guitar, you will want to hire a luthier. A luthier hand-crafts guitars and will work with you directly to customize your guitar so you get exactly the one you want. Fine Archtops can connect you to a luthier who can build you the customized guitar you have always wanted.

Q: What are some suggestions on how to maintain and care for acoustic archtop guitars?

A: There are a few things you should do to keep your guitar in good working order. You should avoid climate extremes, so your guitar should never be too hot or too cold. You should also watch out for humidity levels. Keep your guitar and the fretboard clean by wiping it with a soft and dry cloth on occasion.

black and brown acoustic archtop guitar

black and brown acoustic archtop guitar


We hope you found some of these answers helpful!

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