How to Buy a Custom Archtop Guitar

When you are in the market for a custom archtop guitar, there is a lot to think about and consider. You want to be sure you walk away with a guitar you are happy with. So what are some things you will need to think about, and how can you be sure you properly convey all of this to your luthier? As a company that can connect you to a professional luthier for your custom archtop guitar, we have a few suggestions for you.

The first thing you should think about is what special modifications you might want for your new archtop guitar. For example, if you often struggle with a standard guitar, you might benefit from a smaller neck. You might need a guitar body that fits on your shoulder better. Take some time to think about these aspects of your archtop guitar.

Then start thinking about the aesthetics of your custom archtop guitar. Have you always wanted a certain color? Or maybe you want it made out of a specific type of wood? Or maybe you want a special inlay?

Working with a luthier can be an easy process if you have already made several key decisions before reaching out to one. Your luthier can tell you if your design ideas will work. He can also tell you more about the type of wood selections he offers and which one will work best for your custom archtop guitar. You luthier can also help you select the best body style for your height and body shape. These types of modifications can make your archtop guitar more comfortable for you to play.

You should also think about smaller details of your guitar. For example, the inlay of your custom archtop guitar. While many luthiers have a few preset patterns, some can work with you to totally customize this part of your new archtop guitar.

For even smaller details of your archtop guitar, you should think about your personal preferences as well. A good example of this is your tuner. Some musicians like to have a tuner with a high gear ratio, which makes it feel smoother. Others prefer a lower gear ratio.

If you make it a point to openly and honestly communicate your preferences and needs to your luthier, you will soon end up with the custom archtop guitar of your dreams!

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