Memphis 2015 Acoustic Guitar Festival



Join Fine Archtops in June at one of the premier archtop and acoustic guitar shows in the country. In world renowned musictown Memphis you know there will be no shortage of greats in attendance. Luthiers, players, dealers and fans alike will converge on The Memphis 2015 Acoustic Guitar Festival from all over the country, to see what’s happening in the archtop guitar world.


“There will be 60+ luthiers showing their magnificent instruments in one exhibit hall.  The exhibit hall is set up so everyone has a good space.  The exhibits will be in a circle (actually more like a square) around the room, with an aisle down the middle.  In the foyer immediately adjacent to that exhibit hall, will be a large area for inlay artists, straps, stands, strings, etc., all products that are essential the guitarist (without being guitars). There will be 24 workshops teaching style and techniques for guitars, mandolins and ukuleles.”


See you all there!