Buscarino Tree of Life

In John’s own words:

“My customer came to me with the idea to have a very unique guitar built by me and after kicking around many ideas he suggested the “Tree Of Life” theme. It sort of took off from there. Once we settled on the Tree headstock inlay we collaboratively decided that the fingerboard inlays should be Leaves. We had Master Inlay Artist Larry Robinson do the inlays and he suggested to do the outline of the leaves on the fingerboard in Gold Leaf to make them pop and shine. The Heart inlay on the back of the headstock was a personal logo for the customer and he requested Larry do that inlay as well.

We were able to get our hands on some really spectacular Master Grade Quilted Maple. The figure in it kind of reminded me of trees blowing in the wind and lent itself nicely to our theme. Even with the fancy wood and custom inlays I still couldn’t shake the feeling that I just wasn’t doing enough to make this guitar truly special. And then an idea just hit me and I had this seedling of an idea to do something to the back that was tree like.

The thought took root and grew into the relief carving on the back of the guitar. It took a little trial and error but we finally figured out how to do it and the rest is history. This was just one of those once in a lifetime projects where all the stars aligned and the end result was even better that what I had imagined. Here are a few specs on the guitar:

Master Grade highly figured Big Leaf Maple back and sides, Master Grade Carpathian Spruce Top with Bear Claw figure, 3-Piece Neck of Flat Sawn Flame Maple with a Bird’s Eye center and Curly Koa pinstripes, Curly Koa binding for the body, neck, F-holes and pickguard, Spalted Myrtle Burl Veneer on back of headstock, Custom hand-carved Oak Leaf Side Port on upper bout, Nitrocellulose Lacquer in Antique Vintage Natural, Buscarino Signature Floating Humbucker, and Custom Carbon Fiber Hoffee Case. ”