Buscarino Autumn Leaves 35th Anniversary Archtop

The Autumn Leaves 35th Anniversary Guitar (pictured below) commemorates 35 years of Luthiery by Master Luthier John Buscarino. The only one of its kind, it is a fitting contribution to Buscarino Guitar’s Anniversary Collection. This guitar was a labor of love and a way to show the world all John has accomplished in his 35 years of guitar building.

The guitar went together beautifully. Even though there were copious amounts of time spent on the design and concept of this guitar, execution was never sacrificed for the sake of looks.

This guitar was built with the same exacting standards as all Buscarino Guitars and is not only beautiful but sounds just as amazing. Truly a work of art, the Autumn Leaves Guitar is a fitting legacy for a Luthier who has dedicated most of his life to his passion for building guitars.

For more information about the creation of this magnificent guitar, please visit Buscarino Guitar’s website.