Jazz Guitars

When it comes to jazz guitars, we know you want nothing but the best. We know you are a talented musician seeking out the perfect instrument to add to your collection and/or play on a regular basis. We know you would probably prefer customized jazz guitars – ones that you get to custom design and custom order. From the fretboard to the body and everything in between, we can connect you to a slew of professional luthiers who build custom jazz guitars and take great delight in this art form. The end results are jazz guitars that are specifically suited to you and your unique needs and tastes.

We can not only connect you to professional luthiers who will built you the jazz guitar of your dreams, but we can also sell you amps and speakers, straps and stands, cases and bags and more. When you are into jazz guitars and love to play them as much as we do, our website is truly your one-stop-shop!

Customized Jazz Guitars Just For You

If you have a dream jazz guitar, let a professional luthier bring it to life! You will work with him from start to finish to ensure that every detail is perfect. Soon enough, you will be making beautiful music with a new jazz guitar. So whether you’re playing with a band or playing solo, you know you will end up with a quality instrument that sounds just as lovely as it looks.

Interested in Jazz Guitars?

For more information on jazz guitars, call Fine Archtops at 612-366-7120 or Contact Us. We can answer any questions you have and get you connected to a luthier today!