Guitar Luthier

Guitar LuthierLooking for a professional guitar luthier? If so, you have come to the right place. Fine Archtops connects musicians like you with a guitar luthier that can build you the archtop guitar you have always wanted.

A guitar luthier will listen to your wants and needs and build you the custom archtop guitar of your dreams. You can customize every aspect of your new guitar, including the type of wood it is made out of, the scratch plate, the color and accessories and more!

Call us or browse our site to see all of the luthiers we can connect you to. All of them are willing to work with you so you get the guitar you want. They can help beginner musicians, advanced musicians and everyone in between.

The best part about working with a guitar luthier is that the luthier community is close-knit. So if the first luthier you select can’t help you for some reason, he will gladly refer you to another one who can help you.

Get the archtop guitar you want. Contact a professional guitar luthier today and start building the custom archtop guitar of your dreams.

Professional Guitar Luthier

From start to finish, your new customized guitar will be uniquely you. If you already have every aspect of your new guitar planned out, you can let your guitar luthier know exactly what you want. And if you only have a few aspects of your new guitar planned out, then your guitar luthier can guide you through figuring out everything else you want too.

After your new custom archtop is made, you will be able to make beautiful music with it! You will be the envy of your fellow musicians when they see your beautiful new guitar.

A guitar luthier will create you a one of a kind instrument that you will be able to enjoy for years to come. So whether you are a professional musician or an amateur, you can get the guitar you have always wanted.

Browse our site to see the group of guitar luthiers that we work with. Each guitar luthier has his own personal website and gallery, so you can see some of the work they have done for musicians like you.

Find a Professional Guitar Luthier

Are you interested in learning more about finding a guitar luthier? Call us at Fine Archtops at 612-366-7120, or you can Contact Us.