Guitar Builder

Guitar BuilderAt Fine Archtops, our mission is simple: we want to connect you to a custom guitar builder who will make you the archtop jazz guitar you have always dreamed about. We will bring you together with a guitar builder who will listen to your wants, needs and ideas and make you a guitar that is uniquely you.

A professional luthier is more of an artist than anything. Each luthier is a skilled craftsman that believes in furthering their craft and doing their best work on every guitar they make.

Working with a guitar builder means that you get to pick and fine tune all of the details of your new guitar. From smaller parts like the nuts to larger parts like the neck and body, every aspect of your new guitar will be totally you.

The best part is the more specific you can get with your guitar builder, the better your end results will be.

Why not browse through our Gallery of Archtop Luthiers to learn more about each one? You can get more information about each guitar builder, and you can even browse through pictures of some of the guitars they have built for other clients.

And when you have narrowed down your choices, you can navigate to their specific sites to get into contact with them.

Working with a Guitar Builder

The most important thing to remember about working with a professional guitar builder is to be specific about what you want and need out of your new guitar. Your guitar builder will use as many of your ideas as possible to build you the custom instrument you are looking for.

And if for some reason the luthier cannot help you with the guitar you want, he or she can direct you to a luthier who can. The professional guitar builder community is very closely knit, and they want to do what they can to further their craft.

Another thing to remember about working with a professional guitar builder is to keep the lines of communication open and clear. Your guitar builder will work with you to make sure you get the customized guitar you are seeking.

Soon enough, you will be making beautiful music on your new archtop guitar!

Hire a Guitar Builder

Would you like more information on how to connect with a professional custom guitar builder? Call Fine Archtops at 612-366-7120, or you can Contact Us.