Electric Archtop Guitar

What’s more beautiful than the sound of an electric archtop guitar? How about the sound of an electric archtop guitar that you designed and had custom-made by one of our professional luthiers?

We are sure you have plenty of ideas for your electric archtop guitar. Do you have a certain body shape or style in mind? A certain color? Have you thought about the fretboard and the perfect type of wood? Does your perfect electric archtop guitar have a pickguard?

Fine Archtops can connect you to the perfect luthier who will listen to your wants and needs and then build the precise electric archtop guitar you were looking for. Remember: the more details you have in mind, the better!

The Perfect Electric Archtop Guitar

When you are a musician, you have a set sound in mind. You want to make sure you buy the perfect guitar to make the music you want to make. Whether you play for a live audience or just on your own, an electric archtop guitar is the perfect complement to your instrument collection.

An electric archtop guitar is a work of art. And the luthiers we can connect you with know this firsthand. They are artists and expert craftsmen. And they will work with you to make sure the electric archtop guitar you request is just what you wanted. Soon enough, you will be playing it and making some beautiful music of your own!

One of the best parts about working with a professional luthier is if for some reason he cannot make your custom guitar, he will recommend another luthier for you to work with. That way, you get the guitar you want without further delay!

Get Your Electric Archtop Guitar!

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