Custom Guitar Luthier

Custom Guitar LuthierAre you a musician looking for the perfect guitar? Do you already have a few ideas in mind for your new guitar and what you want? Maybe you have a vision in your head of your ideal guitar and you just need a custom guitar luthier to make those dreams into a reality?

Contact us at Fine Archtops or browse through our site to find a list of professional guitar makers! We are here to connect you to the custom guitar luthier who can help you get the guitar you want. He will work with you to make sure your project stays within your budget and is delivered on time.

The more specific you are with your custom guitar luthier, the better your project will go. You can customize everything from the type of wood your guitar body is made out of down to the fret board, the nuts, the pick guard and more.

The best part is, if for some reason the custom guitar luthier that you contact cannot help you or has a long waiting list, he will recommend another luthier who can assist you. This is because the luthier community is so tightly knit. They are artists, and it is important to them to further their craft.

Take a look at our list of professional luthiers to learn more about each one and to get a link to their individual websites. You can also see a few examples of their work and the type of guitars they create.

Professional Custom Guitar Luthier

A custom guitar luthier is an artist. Your new guitar will not only sound beautiful, it will look beautiful too! You will love showing it off to your friends and fellow musicians, not to mention performing in front of an audience.

All of the luthiers on our list are among the best in the business. They all love what they do, and their passion for guitar making shows in every instrument they make.

Our main goal is to connect you to a custom guitar luthier who can help you get a new custom guitar that you will love and enjoy for many years to come. All of the luthiers featured on our site build beautiful guitars. You can find a custom guitar luthier that can build you a more traditional looking guitar, or you can find a custom guitar luthier who can build you one that is less conventional looking: whichever you prefer!

Learn More about a Custom Guitar Luthier

For more information on how to find a custom guitar luthier, call Fine Archtops at 612-366-7120, or you can Contact Us.