Custom Archtop Guitar Luthier

Do you want to make beautiful music with an amazing custom archtop guitar? A custom archtop guitar luthier at Fine Archtops can help make that dream into a reality! We have a long list of archtop guitar luthiers (archtop-guitar-luthiers) who make incredible custom archtop guitars for our customers. Each guitar is as unique as the musician who will eventually play it. You can customize just about everything on your archtop guitar too – from the size of the body and neck to built-in pick-ups to soundhole covers. Your luthier will work with you hand-in-hand to make sure you get the custom archtop guitar you’ve been envisioning. Each one of our luthiers takes a great deal of pride in the quality of his craftsmanship, and they make sure the customer is happy with the end result.

Bringing the Musician and Luthier Together

There is nothing more pleasing to the ear than hearing the music of a custom archtop guitar. It’s every guitar player’s dream to have a customized guitar, and now is your chance to have a custom archtop guitar of your own. Just browse our listing of luthiers online to contact them. However, you might have to be patient. Most of our luthiers have a waiting list. But trust us when we say the wait for your custom archtop guitar will be worth it! Soon enough, you will be making lovely music. And be prepared to tell the luthier exactly what you want. The more details you have worked out, the more closely your custom guitar will match the one in your dreams.

Start Your Custom Archtop Guitar Journey Today

Call Fine Archtops at (612) 366-7120 or contact us online. Get in touch with one of our talented luthiers and soon enough, you will have the custom archtop guitar you’ve always wanted!