Custom Archtop Guitar

If you are looking for a custom archtop guitar, you have come to the right place. When you have the perfect guitar visualized and want to make that dream into a reality, you want to make sure you trust that vision to a luthier who will produce an excellent and high-quality custom archtop guitar. And that’s where Fine Archtops comes in. We can connect you to luthiers who can help build your custom archtop guitar and, soon enough, you will be making beautiful music!

We have a list of luthiers for you to choose from to contact about making your custom archtop guitar. We have a close relationship with many of our luthiers, so we’ll be able to find you a perfect match.

Custom archtop guitars are a thing of beauty. And because it is personalized to you and your specific wants and needs, you will find it’s the perfect complement to your guitar collection or it’s the perfect guitar to start building your collection.

How to Build a Custom Archtop Guitar

When you get in touch with a luthier, the more details you can provide about the custom archtop guitar you want, the better! The luthier will work with you from start to finish to ensure you get the guitar of your dreams. You can customize just about every part of the guitar, and the end result is a custom archtop guitar that you will be proud to play and show off to your friends.

And after you have your custom archtop guitar in hand, come back to our site and browse through our archtop guitar accessories, such as amplifiers, speakers, gig bags, straps, stands, strings and more.

Get Your Custom Archtop Guitar

For more information about ordering a custom archtop guitar, call Fine Archtops at 612-366-7120 or Contact Us.