Woody Phifer

Master Luthier Sherwood (Woody) Phifer can only be described as truly exceptional.  For more than forty years he has been building, repairing and restoring guitars and other fretted instruments.  His intuitive abilities and conceptual vision are virtually unmatched.  

His designs are visually breathtaking and unique but it is the quest for the perfect sound and feel that are most important to him.  While he is keenly in tune with how the player hears the guitar his deepest motivation is how it sounds to the audience.  His choice of materials is also crucial in order to satisfy that achievement.  

You can expect only the very best when you commission an archtop or any guitar created by Woody Phifer.  With customers and close friends like George Benson, Ronnie Jordan, Bobby Broom, Richie Hart and David Gilmore, to name a few, what else would you expect?  Woody will work closely with you to ensure every detail and objective is met. We have displayed just a few of his works below. 

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