Archtop Guitar

There is nothing quite like the sound of an archtop guitar. And archtop guitar enthusiasts know there is nothing quite like getting the custom archtop guitar of your dreams. That is why Fine Archtops connects musicians like you with the professional luthiers who can turn those dreams into a musical reality.

From start to finish, your luthier will work with you to make sure you get the archtop guitar you have always wanted. You can customize every part of the guitar – from the wood used to make the body down to the pickups, so your archtop guitar will be uniquely you.

And if you are looking to purchase an archtop guitar for your collection, we can also connect you to archtop dealers who are sure to have what you are looking for.

So whether you are a musician that plays regularly or a collector of guitars, you are sure to end up with the archtop guitar you have always wanted.

Contact us to find out more about how to get a custom archtop guitar or to find out how to get connected to an archtop guitar luthier!

Benefits of a Custom Archtop Guitar

Have you ever played a guitar and wished that one or two things were different? Maybe you wish it weighed a bit less or that the neck was a bit longer. Or maybe you want your guitar to have a thinner neck? Either way, if you are a guitar player, then you definitely have preferences on weight, style, size, looks and more.

A customized archtop guitar can eliminate all of the imperfections that you find in other guitars. When you purchase a custom archtop guitar, it is made according to your specifications. You can get the exact guitar you want without the hassle.

Working with a professional luthier is easy too. You communicate directly with the professional luthier who is building your archtop guitar. Think about what you want out of your new archtop guitar and be sure to communicate those wants and needs to your luthier. He will work with you to ensure you get the guitar you want!

Soon enough, your new guitar will be in your hands and you will be making beautiful music with it!

Get Your Archtop Guitar!

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