Tom Van Hoose - Archtop Guitar Dealer

Dr. Thomas Van Hoose is a world renowned expert and collector of custom and vintage archtop guitars. He is well known for having creating the largest private collection of Gibson Super 400 guitars that eventually became part of the Scott Chinery collection and is the author of “The Gibson Super 400: Art of the Fine Guitar.” His expertise in the history, assessment and valuation of custom and vintage instruments is highly regarded among players and collectors worldwide.

Van Hoose Vintage Instruments was founded in 1991 and is dedicated to bringing the finest guitars to you in an open, friendly, and honest manner. He specializes in archtop guitars, which includes luthier-built, as well as vintage, six-string beauties. He can also locate and offer exceptional vintage and collectable guitars and amps for the collector and musician.

A visit to his website is always an enjoyable experience.