Larry Wexer - Archtop Guitar Dealer

Over the past 25 years, Larry Wexer has gained a reputation as an expert in the field of vintage and luthier-built guitars from D’Angelico, D’Aquisto and Stromberg, to the finest of today’s highly-skilled luthiers. One of his passions has always been archtops, which is evident in the inventory with which he surrounds himself.

A journey to his website will take you to his shop in Manhattan which has always been home to many of the top players, collectors and investors in fine instruments, many of whom are Larry’s clients. He has also done freelance consulting for Christie’s Auction House, having evaluated the acoustic guitars in both of the Eric Clapton auction sales and all the guitars in the Richard Gere auction sale.

Larry is also an accomplished musician on several instruments and has recorded in many genres from bluegrass to jazz. He has authored the mandolin section of “Acquired of the Angels,” a pictorial biography of John D’Angelico and James D’Aquisto, as well as chapters in other guitar publications.