George Gruhn - Archtop Guitar Dealer

The world of guitars has select few gurus who have reached a pinnacle where they offer a firm foundation of expertise and knowledge. In the world of archtop guitars, or any stringed instrument for that matter, a name that always comes to mind is George Gruhn. If you seek a high level of credibility, you turn to George.

“George Gruhn knows more about guitars than anyone on earth,” says Tom Wheeler, former editor of Guitar Player magazine. That knowledge has made Gruhn Guitars the world’s most famous guitar store and has brought George Gruhn worldwide recognition. He is also sought after as a primary source for insight into the guitar market – past, present and future. He has authored and co-authored many books and reference guides, as well as countless publication articles.

Since 1963, George Gruhn has distinguished himself as one to see if you’re in the market for a new, used or vintage stringed instrument. His customers have included many heavyweights of popular music – Eric Clapton, Neil Young, Johnny Cash, Lyle Lovett, Vince Gill, George Harrison and Paul McCartney, just to name a handful.

George has been quoted as stating, “Artistic, aesthetic appeal, quality of workmanship and materials, and tonal quality transcend time and monetary concerns. Truly fine musical instruments are some of the ultimate works of art.”

A visit to his website will lead you to a diverse inventory of luthier-built archtop works of art, as well as, vintage guitars and other fine fretted instruments.