Dave Rogers - Archtop Guitar Dealer

When Dave’s Guitar Shop in La Crosse, Wisconsin first opened on July 1, 1982 it began with 17 guitars of Dave’s own stock and has since grown into one of the largest and most reputable guitar shops in the nation. In the now 20,000 square foot building Dave sells new, used, and vintage electric and acoustic guitars, amplifiers and accessories from manufacturers as well as independent custom luthiers.

People come from miles around to shop at Dave’s and to view his huge inventory and, if your’e fortunate, he will show you his  incredible personal collection of over 350 guitars and amps. The vast majority of his sales are to customers from all around the world via the telephone or through his web site. He maintains a robust inventory of archtops, as well.

Among the long list of famous guitar legends who have done business with Dave over the years are Billy Gibbons, Joe Walsh, members of Pink Floyd, Vince Gill, Keith Richards and Eric Clapton.

Dave recently opened a store in Milwaukee, WI and one in Madison, WI.   He invites you to visit any one of his three stores for an experience you’re not likely to soon forget, or you can even browse through his huge online inventory. His stock is changing daily, so check back often!

As he clearly states in his mission statement Dave and his staff are dedicated to earning their client’s trust through professional conduct, their many years of experience, and extensive preparation for their customer’s needs.