Archtop Jazz Guitar Amplifiers and Pickups



Comins Jazz Guitar Amplifiers


The Comins Jazz Guitar Amplifier was handmade by George Alessandro and voiced by renowned luthier, Bill Comins (link to profile). The amplifier is the standard for amps made specifically for jazz guitars: hand-built and higher-output tube.

“… this kind of responsiveness and dimensional sparkle is something that I’ve always associated with tube circuitry. We were shooting for a sound that was warm and complex, while being thick, round, punchy and alive.” – Bill Comins, luthier

The Comins Jazz Amp combo comes in two 1×12 models and a 2×10 model, with each arrangement having its own, unique character. The 1×12 model generates a robust tube/valve sound, complete with thick warm overtones and substantial clean headroom. There is a certain softness to the attack, giving the model almost a vintage playing aura, yet the amp is able to deliver those goods at near ear-splitting SPL levels.

Both models can eventually develop a slight compression and edge to the notes at high volumes, similar to many of the classic jazz guitar recordings made during the late 1950s and early 1960s. Comins amps because of this are an excellent choice for electric archtops with built-in humbucking pickups.

Acoustic Image Guitar Amplifiers


Although Acoustic Image (AI) is a relatively young company, its owners and operators have decades of experience in the professional music and sound industry. The staff is made up of engineers – and musicians – who expect excellent and reliable qualities of sound and performance from its audio equipment.

The founding of Acoustic Image was the result of the founders never being quite satisfied with the products available for the working musician. Now, there is a sound reinforcement product designed with the musician in mind, whether they play guitar or bass, violin, keyboard, a woodwind or even a brass instrument or if you’re a vocalist, the product you choose will deliver superior performance across the spectrum.

The designs of great products go beyond having the right knobs in the correct places. At AI, the custom design and build is by hand, resulting in unique, innovative, and functional audio products that deliver a characteristically musical sound with unmatched transparency and fidelity. There is nothing “me too” in the process. AI merges advanced acoustic design and switching amplifier technology with one-of-a-kind enclosure arrangements that create a highly accurate sound while being compact and ultra-lightweight.

Ultimately, the company pledges quality: well-constructed, reliable audio products that serve you well night after night, year after year — and to offer a warranty on those products, better than any other in the industry. AI able to meet these commitments because each and every amplifier is designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. Acoustic Image products are available from quality retailers on the web and on the street, around the world.


Chameleon Powered Speakers



As a builder of quality high end guitars John Buscarino spends the majority of his building time devoted to achieving a superior acoustic tone for all of his instruments.  Therefore, it is vitally important to have the amplified sound equal to the acoustic tone.

John’s goal was to develop a speaker that can handle any kind of instrument as well as vocals, be used with a variety of preamps, mixers or modeling amplifiers so you can tailor your setup to your needs.

He spent three years researching, learning, designing and gathering all the information he could get on musical instrument speakers.  With much experimentation and instruction from some of the smartest and most talented people in the business he was able to build a speaker that not only suited his desires but exceeded them on every front.


Kent Armstrong® Pickups



Kent Armstrong® is one of the finest and most well-known electric instrument pickup designers. After years and years of listening to what customer requested, Kent developed many different designs now manufactured and sold as the Kent Armstrong pickup line by WD Music Products®. During this time, WD Music Products® has continually received and fulfilled requests for Kent Armstrong’s USA made hand-wound designs. The company never really put them in the limelight, due to the limited quantity that Kent Armstrong® is able to physically produce.

Now Kent and WD Music Products® are offering a limited supply of some truly innovative and unique recipes he came up with in his laboratory. With his designs for WD, as well as his USA handmade pickups, Kent still only has one goal in mind: To give every player their dream sound. Here is your chance to have handwound Kent Armstrong pickups, which were made right here in the USA. These are now available in a very limited quantity, and a limited stock is being maintained, but there may be a short turn around time.