Instrument Insurance & Guitar Cases

Heritage Insurance Services


Located in historic Feasterville, Pennsylvania in Bucks County, we’ve been insuring fine musical instruments since 1991, protecting more than 10,000 clients worldwide. We offer comprehensive coverage to players, collectors, makers, repair shops and dealers of professional-quality new and vintage musical instruments, as well as accessories and related equipment, including amplifiers and professional gear.

In our 25+ years of experience, our insurance company partners, who are rated “A” or better by A.M. Best and Co., have consistently settled and paid our customers’ claims, both large and small (from $30 to $5 million!), fairly and expeditiously.

Some of the exposures we commonly insure are shipment, air cargo (baggage check) mysterious disappearance, flood, earthquake, windstorm, work in process, water damage, temperature and humidity, theft, entrustments, dishonesty of entrustment, rentals, consignments, breakage and ensuing devaluation, fire and a plethora of other situations and perils. 

Our unique rating systems and underwriting expertise enable us to give you a quick and accurate rate quotation on the policy that best meets your needs.


Ameritage Guitar Cases


Merging the invaluable input of musicians from around the world with nearly 50 years of case crafting experience, Ameritage created the “World’s Most Exclusive Musical Instrument Cases™.” Ameritage® is a brand of GWW Group Inc., a family-owned business that for decades has manufactured carrying cases for the world’s leading brands of guitars.

Fretted instruments built today are better than ever. These instruments are being crafted with impeccable construction, closer tolerances, thinner tops, beautiful woods and outstanding craftsmanship. However, Ameritage has heard repeatedly from musicians, repair technicians and vintage collectors how these fine instruments are easily immune to damage.

Ameritage believes in protecting instruments for generations, so it created a professional carrying case consistent with your fretted instrument’s craftsmanship. The case protects your instrument from climatic effects which can cause swelling, splits, cracks, checking, movement in glue joints and distortion of woods. Within every standard Ameritage case is the exclusive, patented Humidity Control System™, which allows you to create and maintain a stable environment within your case to combat excessive temperature and humidity variations – causing the vast majority of costly guitar repairs today.