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About Fine Archtops

My name is Steve Wagner. For more than 35 years, as both a player and collector of archtop guitars, I have owned or played hundreds of these magnificent instruments. To me, the hand-carved archtop guitar is a work of fine art.

At one time, there were only a handful of independent custom archtop artisans such as the legendary John D'Angelico and Elmer Stromberg. Following the death of John D'Angelico in 1964, his apprentice James D'Aquisto carried on to become a masterful force. Soon world-renowned grandmaster luthiers, Tom Ribbecke, Bob Benedetto, John Monteleone, Steve Grimes and Steve Andersen emerged and the "Golden Age of Lutherie" had begun. Others were soon to follow, including Jim Triggs, Bill Moll, Ted Megas, Mark Campellone, John Buscarino, Gary Zimnicki, Steven Marchione, Mark Lacey, Brad Goodman and the list goes on. Today, there are nearly one hundred archtop luthiers in North America alone.

I have long felt the need for a venue, unlike any other, where these artisans and their archtop guitars could be showcased and made accessible to archtop buyers and enthusiasts. Today, unless you know a luthier's name prior to beginning your quest, you will search at length through many pages on any internet search engine only to end up with a dozen names. We have changed that. You will find us at the top of the major Internet search engines by using virtually any keyword or phrase.

I am passionately devoted to the success of this endeavor. I am also committed to presenting to the buyer the best in this craft. This is a critical and challenging process that will be ongoing. I invite you to return often as our list of luthiers and archtop guitar services will continue to grow.

I will strive to ensure everyone's experience is rewarding.




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