CP Thornton

Designed with vision.  Crafted with integrity.  Sold with pride.  That pretty much sums up Master Luthier Chuck Thornton.  Never have we worked with a luthier for whom such praise is more justified.  He has personally and passionately crafted hundreds of guitars in the past 25 years.  He is fulfilling his dream of creating custom made… Read more »

The Phifer Archtop

“The Phifer” Archtop is the result of years of intense research & development, from it’s bold new shape to an all new approach in designing the internal structure (ie: bracing system). PHIFER ARCHTOP: 16” STYLE BODY WIDTH = 16” BODY DEPTH = 2 5/8” BODY LENGTH = 18 3/4” OVERALL LENTH = 40 3/4” FRET… Read more »

Rocky Mountain Archtop Festival

It’s time to start planning for the Rocky Mountain Archtop Festival being held at the Hilton Garden Inn in Arvada, Colorado, a suburb of Denver, on Sept. 21st & 22nd. It’s archtops only folks!! It will be completely devoted to the makers of custom archtop guitars. What could be more perfect?  Click on the banner… Read more »

Rancourt Guitars Signature 16″ Archtop

This beautiful acoustic archtop has Italian violin edges on both top and back plates with great acoustic power and balanced tone! All our tops and backs are hand-carved, tuned and graduated for the best acoustic power, balance, responsiveness and resonance. The Modern Signature is assembled like a string quartet Instrument mixed with traditional and modern… Read more »

Whittemore Guitars K165C deLuxe

Hand-crafted from premier woods and dressed with deluxe figured mother of pearl neck and headstock inlays, premium binding package and a single custom-wound pickup, the K165C deLuxe will give you the fat electric jazz tone that you have been seeking — all day, every day, effortlessly. Attention to every detail over years of archtop building,… Read more »

2013 Mirabella Trapdoor “Bourbon on the Rocks”

“Bourbon on the Rocks” Archtop Acoustic Trapdoor With stain and lacquer mixed with real “single barrel Bourbon” for a true bourbon-burst finish. Close to seven carats in Diamonds on the tuner pegs, side markers, door knobs, heel and bridge. Quilted mahogany interior made from “The Tree” as well as the headplate, pickguard and other appointments…. Read more »

Zimnicki Synchromatic 18

This is an 18″ wide, 3 1/2″ deep guitar inspired by the classic Gretsch Synchromatic, but with some important differences.  The back and top are both carved from solid wood. The Sitka spruce top was originally part of a raft used by an Alaskan logging company that disbanded over 30 years ago. The guitar is… Read more »

Biréli Lagrène Signature

After having played Selmer-Maccaferri style guitars built exclusively by Stefan Hahl for many years, Biréli Lagrène asked Stefan if he would build a signature model guitar for him. Stefan was glad to oblige and created the Biréli Lagrène Signature guitar, built according to Biréli’s specifications and wishes and, of course, with the finest materials. This… Read more »

Comins Midway Gardens

“Art” and “Theme” guitars are nothing new to Philadelphia master luthier, Bill Comins. His Aperture guitar for the Fisher portrait collection several years ago and the glorious Peter Max archtop that was auctioned for charity in NYC last year are perfect examples. But, this time we think he has outdone himself. He was commissioned by… Read more »


CURRENTLY AVAILABLE- CONTACT STEVE ANDERSEN PHONE: 206 782-8630 Newly completed, this Model 16 has a combination of woods I’d been thinking about for a while. The top is Adirondack (red) spruce, the back, sides and neck are German maple. The pickguard, healcap and truss rod cover are Ivoroid, matching the binding on the body and neck…. Read more »