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Scharpach Vienna Apex Suprema

Make: Scharpach
Model: Vienna Apex Suprema
Year: 2014
Color: Cremona
Condition: Mint
Price: 24,000

This is a classic archtop from the famed European builder Theo Scharpach. He was formally trained in antique furniture restoration. I commisioned him to build me his Vienna Apex in the style and finish of the Cremonese violin artisans. While he was very close-mouthed about the techniques used, I believe it is a multilayered oil based varnish with a French polish top coat. This was the Lloyd Loar technique, by the way. The final results are spectacular and was named "The Suprema" because of this remarkable finish detail. My guitar adorns his present web page (see bottom row Archtop/Vienna section)

His bracing system is also a secret, dubbed the H.I.T system or Harmonic Integrated Top bracing, "but he does say that the H.I.T. system, which does away with bars in either parallel or X configurations, enables the guitar’s top and bracing to “work together more as one piece and makes it possible to steer the harmonics of the instrument to a much greater extent.” (quote from March/April Guitar Player magazine 2016).

His top wood was purchased from a famous European builder Artur Lang's widow in 1975 and is thought to be 75-80 years old! The hardware is all made in house and hand carved and engraved, unlike any archtop available today. The back and sides are European maple of course.

Finally, It is not just a "looker". It is the most dynamic, resonating, articulate acoustic archtop that I have ever played or owned. I would be happy to discuss my prior and present acquisitions with any serious party. At this price, you may well want to visit and audition this guitar but all arrangements are open to discussion. In addition to Paypal I will also accept a bank wire transfer for payment.

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Name: David W Kozy, MD
Phone: (419) 349-7072
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