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Erich Solomon Phidelity

Make: Erich Solomon
Model: Phidelity
Year: 2011
Color: Natural
Condition: Like Mint
Price: SOLD

I have for sale a 2011 Solomon Phidelity archtop guitar which I bought very early in 2012. I am its original owner and purchased it directly from Erich Solomon but picked it up at Rudy's Music in NYC.

Barring very few and very minor marks, the guitar is in excellent condition, close to as-new. It comes with its original Cedar Creek case.

Rudy's was kind enough to provide me with a detailed appraisal of $7249 (it's price at the time) which I will gladly pass along to the buyer.

This one has upgraded options which includes upgraded woods, a floating Kent Armstrong humbucker (an originally installed option by Erich - not an add-on) and a French Polish finish. It has a beautifully configured side sound port and 13 frets to the body. It is currently strung with D'Addario bronze wound .12's.

The upgraded woods are
1. Adirondack (Red) Spruce top
2. Highly figured Mahogany back and sides
3. Cherrywood neck
4. African Blackwood binding

Note: Erich makes a point of saying that this guitar is made of all high end woods and has no plastic or celluloid parts.

The scale length is 25.5".

The Nut width is 1.75".

The model name, Phidelity, derives from Erich's inspiration to build a guitar based on the Golden Ratio, Phi, 1.618. You can google that to see its significance in art and design.

There is the word 'Prototype' stamped inside the guitar body. That particular piece of wood was originally intended to be used in a prototype guitar that Erich was building, a project which he discarded. It has no effect on the finished guitar, which is not a prototype. I have an email from Erich explaining that which I will also pass along to the buyer. The guitar has no issues.

I am not a professional player and this guitar has never been played outside of my home. The room it's kept in is humidity controlled year round and the guitar shows no signs of climate-related issues.

I was a long time guitar collector. I am selling it because I recently retired and my wife and I are considering downsizing our home so most of my guitars have to go. I held on to this one longer than most.

I am asking $4500. This guitar was $7249 when I bought it and today, with the same upgrade features, probably exceeds $8000. In addition, I believe Erich has about a year waiting period for a new one at this time.

This is a wonderful playing and sounding guitar, in as-excellent-as-it-can-get condition. Please check out this video of this model being played by Zeb Heintz...

I will entertain reasonable offers.

Free Shipping to CONUS Only. Pickup in the NY/LI area is OK.

Don't hesitate to contact me with any questions and thanks for looking.

Besides Paypal, I am able to accept payments via Zelle if you have that set up with your bank.

Seller Info

Name: Carl Rothman
Phone: (516) 382-4898
Accepted Payment Methods:
  • PayPal