Electric Archtops

Electric ArchtopsThere’s nothing quite like the sound of a smooth electric archtop. Used in a variety of music genres, electric archtops are one of the most recognizable guitars around. They can be used in just about any type of music: from jazz to hard rock to ska and punk and everything in between.

Finding the perfect electric archtop can be tricky. You might find one ready-made that is perfect except for one or two things. So what is the best way to get the electric archtop you want? Find a professional luthier who specializes in making customized electric archtops. And that is where Fine Archtops can help!

Our role is to connect you to a professional luthier who will make your custom archtop guitar come to life. You can customize everything on your new guitar. Actually, the more details you have picked out for your custom electric archtop, the better!

Whether you are a professional musician or one that just likes to play guitar for fun, it is easy to find a luthier that builds electric archtops. You can find the perfect luthier to work with who will make your custom guitar dreams a reality.

Browse through our archtop luthier gallery to see all of the luthiers we work with. All of them would be delighted to hear from you!

And if for some reason the luthier you select cannot help you, he can recommend another luthier to you. The guitar-maker community is quite interested in furthering their craft and art, and they all work hand in hand to ensure their clients get the best possible guitars.

Custom Electric Archtops

A professional luthier will work with you and build you the electric archtop you want. Every part of electric archtops is fully customizable. So if you have an idea already in mind, talk to your luthier and if it is feasible, he will make it work!

Soon enough, you will be making beautiful music on your new guitar, and your new instrument will be the envy of your friends and other musicians.

Browse through our site or give us a call, and we can tell you even more about electric archtops. We will connect you to a luthier that can help you get the instrument you have always wanted.

Custom Electric Archtops and More

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