D’Aquisto/Mirabella Oval Hole Centura

D’Aquisto/Mirabella Oval Hole CenturaLegendary luthier Jimmy D’Aquisto was in the process of building this guitar before his untimely death in 1995. It was recently completed by fellow New York luthier Cris Mirabella as a tribute to Jimmy who was a mentor to him. Cris has maintained a special connection with Jimmy’s family over the years, which led to this very special project.

Please take a few minutes to watch the video in which Cris explains the evolution and creation of this magnificent instrument.

It is especially interesting to note that all of the materials Cris used to complete the guitar, including the laquer, came from Jimmy’s shop. Cris generously allowed me to play this magnificent instrument at the recent Montreal Guitar Show.

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Mark Lacey – Rich Shapero Project

Completed in July 2012 are these six guitars, which were built for author/musician Rich Shapero (Wild Animus and Too Far). Rich will be using the guitars to record the sound track to his next eBook. The guitars are set-up in various tunings and will be recorded without the aid of pickups using only high quality microphones.

You can listen to recordings of similar guitars I built for Rich on his CD “Dawn Remembers” at his website http://www.toofar.com/music

Don Fisher Collection

Approximately one year ago Portland, Oregon businessman/guitar collector Don Fisher commissioned six archtop guitars from six of our luthiers including Mark Lacey, Steve Andersen, Ted Megas, Stephen Marchione, Bill Comins and Steve Grimes.

Each guitar was to be designed as a tribute to honor one of six special women in Don’s life including his four daughters, a granddaughter and his fiancee. Don gave each builder a biographical profile for one of the women. He swore each builder to absolute secrecy. They were not to discuss the project with anyone including Don himself. Beyond that they were given complete freedom. His only other stipulation was that the guitar must be complete and ready to present to him, sight unseen, at his 65th birthday party in Portland on June 2nd and FineArchtops.com was there to witness the event.

The photos you see here are of the luthiers with their guitars and the women for whom each was built. If you click on the “Don Fisher Collection” link below you will be taken to the website of the Oregonian newspaper where you can read the entire story in detail. You can also view a gallery of photos taken at the event. We will add video interviews with each builder as they become available.

Read More at Oregonlive.com

Photos From Event



Stephen Marchione


Ted Megas


Bill Comins


Steve Grimes


Steve Andersen


Mark Lacey