Victor Baker’s debut release “UP” now available!

Victor Baker "UP" release

We’re proud to share this news from one of our luthiers!

The debut release from guitarist / composer Victor Baker featuring Mitch Marcus (sax), John Stenger (rhodes), Trifon Dimitrov (bass) and Brian Fishler (drums). Memorable modern jazz tunes penned by VB who is also a very highly regarded jazz guitar maker.

Better known for the highly regarded jazz guitars that he makes in his New York City workshop, luthier Victor Baker is also an accomplished guitarist, very prolific modern jazz composer and active performer. A self described lifelong jazz guitar nut, when he isn’t building an instrument he is writing, preparing and playing his original music. This long overdue disc is his first official effort at finally documenting the playing side of his career. Stylistically his music is creative modern jazz, and features interesting complex meters and feels but always written as a framework for strong melody, vibe and catchy themes. Vic’s playing is fiery at times but he is not a gunslinger player, and prefers to play melodically with strong phrasing and connected lines to better serve the music. These tracks document Victor’s current band in New York, a fairly recent collaboration of fine players who already have a cohesive sound and energy together. The vibe ranges from driving and intense to very subtle and sublime, with strong performances by all. Already a fine showing, this group’s freshman effort peeks and hints at some very exciting things to come.

Buscarino Autumn Leaves 35th Anniversary Archtop

The Autumn Leaves 35th Anniversary Guitar (pictured below) commemorates 35 years of Luthiery by Master Luthier John Buscarino. The only one of its kind, it is a fitting contribution to Buscarino Guitar’s Anniversary Collection. This guitar was a labor of love and a way to show the world all John has accomplished in his 35 years of guitar building.

The guitar went together beautifully. Even though there were copious amounts of time spent on the design and concept of this guitar, execution was never sacrificed for the sake of looks.

This guitar was built with the same exacting standards as all Buscarino Guitars and is not only beautiful but sounds just as amazing. Truly a work of art, the Autumn Leaves Guitar is a fitting legacy for a Luthier who has dedicated most of his life to his passion for building guitars.

For more information about the creation of this magnificent guitar, please visit Buscarino Guitar’s website.

Auction Website Updated: Artists Team Up To Support Healthy Food In Schools!

Luthier Bill Comins, Artist Peter Max, and Jazz Great Pat Martino collaborate to donate a one-of-a-kind guitar to help support NY Coalition for Healthy School Food. More about the organization, additional photos, and information about the auction to acquire the guitar can be found here:

This is for a great cause folks so please share this post. Thanks!

45th Anniversary Cremona Archtop By Robert Benedetto

To celebrate 45 years of archtop excellence, Bob Benedetto opted to create a traditional 17″ pure acoustic archtop carved from his finest European tone woods and featuring stunningly detailed hand-relief carvings and inlays on the headstock, heel, fingerboard, bridge and tailpiece.

Famous for minimalism but always with a firm grasp of tradition, this Cremona model has a lovely burled headstock front and back, a Cremona scroll inlay on the faceplate, delicate floral petals on the fingerboard, fingerrest, bridge feet, and tailpiece. The ebony tailpiece has a lovely intricate pattern of floral petals and the Roman numeral XLV to celebrate 45 years of artistry. The European spruce top and highly flamed European maple back and sides are framed with fine-lined purfling and highly flamed European maple, finished in our popular Autumn Burst.

Most extraordinary are the relief floral carvings on the back of the headstock and heel, which harken back to Bob’s first few guitars made in his family home (and from his family’s furniture) in Lake Hopatcong NJ. This Cremona speaks with the voice of countless hours of experience, endless sharpened chisels and saw blades, hundreds of board feet of seasoned woods, and the wisdom conveyed by many of the greatest musicians ever to grace the stage.

The 45th Anniversary Cremona promises to be a spectacular once-in-a-lifetime purchase for a very lucky guitarist/collector. (It will be on display at the Healdsburg Guitar Festival 2013)

45th Anniversary Cremona 1968-2013 by Robert Benedetto & Benedetto Guitars – Serial #S2129GP

LaPlante 14-String Archtop

Another archtop commission– a recently completed instrument was designed and built by our Canadian luthier partner Jean-Pierre LaPlante.  The Venezuelan guitarist requested a 14- string, double-necked, left-handed guitar with four built-in PAF pickups.  The result is the exquisite archtop you see here.  This is another example of our luthier capabilities.  Needles to say, the customer was absolutely blown away!

Buscarino Tree of Life

In John’s own words:

“My customer came to me with the idea to have a very unique guitar built by me and after kicking around many ideas he suggested the “Tree Of Life” theme. It sort of took off from there. Once we settled on the Tree headstock inlay we collaboratively decided that the fingerboard inlays should be Leaves. We had Master Inlay Artist Larry Robinson do the inlays and he suggested to do the outline of the leaves on the fingerboard in Gold Leaf to make them pop and shine. The Heart inlay on the back of the headstock was a personal logo for the customer and he requested Larry do that inlay as well.

We were able to get our hands on some really spectacular Master Grade Quilted Maple. The figure in it kind of reminded me of trees blowing in the wind and lent itself nicely to our theme. Even with the fancy wood and custom inlays I still couldn’t shake the feeling that I just wasn’t doing enough to make this guitar truly special. And then an idea just hit me and I had this seedling of an idea to do something to the back that was tree like.

The thought took root and grew into the relief carving on the back of the guitar. It took a little trial and error but we finally figured out how to do it and the rest is history. This was just one of those once in a lifetime projects where all the stars aligned and the end result was even better that what I had imagined. Here are a few specs on the guitar:

Master Grade highly figured Big Leaf Maple back and sides, Master Grade Carpathian Spruce Top with Bear Claw figure, 3-Piece Neck of Flat Sawn Flame Maple with a Bird’s Eye center and Curly Koa pinstripes, Curly Koa binding for the body, neck, F-holes and pickguard, Spalted Myrtle Burl Veneer on back of headstock, Custom hand-carved Oak Leaf Side Port on upper bout, Nitrocellulose Lacquer in Antique Vintage Natural, Buscarino Signature Floating Humbucker, and Custom Carbon Fiber Hoffee Case. ”

New Andersen Double-Top

Announcing the new Double-top archtop guitar from Steve Andersen


Steve has developed a procedure in which he incorporates a vacuum pressing process to laminate two very thin layers of Engelmann spruce with a center core of a composite Kevlar material called Nomex.  The result is an extremely lightweight and stiff soundboard.

For a thorough description and photos of the prototype, Click Here.