Thierry Andre


Thierry André is an artist, father of a young family, and professional luthier based in St-Jean-Port-Joli, Quebec, Canada.  He built his first acoustic guitar at age 19 while attending the Ecole-Atelier Lutherie-Guitare Bruand College in Montreal. 

By establishing his first workshop in the cosmopolitan city of Montreal, Thierry naturally came into contact with instruments from all over the world.  His study of old-world as well as contemporary instruments has connected him with the very source of instrument-making, inviting him to see the guitar from a renewed and fresh perspective.  In exhibiting among peers at the international level, he has been a leader in bringing a fresher and more open approach to guitar making.  His experience with different materials, sounds, shapes and ergonomics has led him to develop his own expressive language as a luthier.

Thierry is well recognized in the field of contemporary guitar-making both nationally and internationally.  His instruments stand among the most refined works of their kind today and are especially notable for comprising art, fine crafts, and acoustic science with elegant simplicity, creating guitars that are striking for both their visual beauty and their quality of tonal color.  For him, art is present everywhere in the form of design, architecture and expression.  Each Andre instrument is therefore a unique piece, designed and carefully handcrafted by a single person.

​ Andre instruments feature musical proportions and are designed to be responsive and ergonomic. ​ To date Thierry has crafted some 150 guitars.  They are all true works of art and, most important, sonically captivating.  Thierry raises the bar at each stage of his work as a luthier, offering guitars in all their acoustic complexities.  He offers his customers the best purchase experience that is equally on par with the quality of his work.  You will find on his website ideas and references that will allow you to imagine the guitar that Thierry can build for you. 

Get ready to encounter the work of a true artist devoted to the guitar in all its forms.