Tad R. Brown

Tad R. Brown is a 7th generation American craftsman who has been working with music, art, wood and guitars for over 30 years.  Tad began building guitars in 1996, personally handcrafting all aspects of each guitar with exceptional attention to detail, tone, quality, and playability.  His is a one man shop and every inch of each instrument is hand-made. 

Brown archtop guitars are specially designed to crossover between jazz and acoustic instruments. Each guitar is hand-made from all premium grade solid tonewoods and are designed to be lightweight, responsive, and comfortable to play.

Signature appointments including an ultra-light bridge & saddle with no metal parts, and harmonically tuned tailpiece inspire instruments that create a wide dynamic range of rich acoustic tonal resonance.  His colors and finishes are all his own exceptional  inspirations and his inlay work is exemplary.  

A trip to his website is essential for anyone contemplating the purchase of a custom-built hand-carved archtop guitar.  Be sure to check out his Workshop page for incredible in-process and finishing photos.  Click on the photos below for the full picture.