Stefan Hahl

The name Hahl is synonymous with superbly handcrafted, beautiful instruments. German master luthier Stefan Hahl personally hand builds every guitar that bears his name. Each Hahl guitar is endowed with its own distinct tonal qualities, unique aesthetic personality and superb playability, all of which inspire the musician to new creative heights.

Years of closely studying traditional instrument building techniques as well as trials performed with experimental designs and painstakingly detailed tests have produced a wealth of experience and today’s master built guitars. He is recognized as one of the premier builders of Selmer style and archtop jazz guitars today. The legendary Bireli Lagrene endorses his instruments.

Being a passionate guitarist, Stefan Hahl understands the relationships guitarists have with their guitars. Years of working closely together with musicians to design and build custom guitars have honed his skills and ability to meet the needs of guitarists. Over the years, his formula of German attention to detail, artistic creativity and close collaboration with guitarists has produced countless ideal pairings of guitars and guitarists.

“My greatest thrill is seeing the joy musicians experience upon finally finding the instrument that enables them to realize their untapped creative potential.”