Roger Sadowsky

For over 30 years Roger Sadowsky has been a New York institution first gaining notoriety as the best guitar set-up and repairman in the business.  His clientele has included all the first call New York City session players and top professional jazz guitarists. In 1980 he branched out to build guitars under his own name for which he has received much critical acclaim.

It was his long association with legendary guitarist Jim Hall, and in particular with Hall’s D’Aquisto built laminated archtop, that prompted Roger to explore archtop construction. He wanted to make an archtop that was geared toward the professional working jazz guitarist that would coincide with his high standards and that had all the characteristics the professional guitarist would demand.

His first task was creating an archtop that would meet the very discerning expectations of Jim Hall.  After years of careful preparation and trials and several prototypes, the perfect instrument emerged.  That was in 2003.  Roger now offers five archtop models which include the Jim Hall and Jimmy Bruno models.  His archtops are played and endorsed by many other professional jazz guitarists including  Russell Malone,  John Ambercrombie, Chuck Loeb, Wolf Marshall and Lage Lund.