Richard Ralston

New Zealand luthier Richard Ralston grew up watching his father, Ian, lovingly craft world-class violins. Ian’s dedication to the art of lutherie, along with his immense knowledge of stringed instruments and careful attention to detail, inspired Richard to carry on the family tradition of passionate craftsmanship and eloquent artistry. Richard has continued to adapt the skills and techniques he learned from his father to the making of fine archtop guitars.
He has developed an international reputation for outstanding workmanship, building exquisite instruments for discerning players and collectors. “In the end, the real test is in the playing”, Richard explains. “It is possible to make an instrument that, at a purely technical level, is near perfect. It is another thing altogether to build an eloquent instrument that has real soul and is a delight to play.”

It is this combination of passionate craftsmanship and eloquent artistry that has become the distinguishing mark of a Ralston acoustic archtop jazz guitar.

Richard is also a fine player and gifted teacher.