Nigel Forster

When Nigel Forster was 17 a teacher asked him what he’d like to do for a living. “Make guitars”, he replied. The teacher told him of a guitar maker who had been in touch with the school looking for an apprentice. He got the job and trained under the renoun British luthier, Stefan Sobell, beginning in 1988 where he remained until he opened his own shop in 2004.

Nigel’s designs are unique and may perhaps be the first real new approach to archtop making in decades. He believes that if you consider the architecture of the guitar and the nature and direction of the forces that act upon it and design accordingly, you make a guitar may be unconventional to many but that sounds clearer and fuller than much of what is offered elsewhere.

He follows his intuition, which is informed by the work he has done before and strives to honestly observe and learn from each singular experience and doesn’t spend too much time thinking about clever theories. He believes that guitar making is a practical subject, not just a theoretical one. The sound of his guitars is a by-product of the thought he gives to the architecture and structure. A visit to Nigel’s website is guaranteed to be an experience you will enjoy.