Mark Campellone

Over the past forty years, Mark Campellone has carved out a place for himself in guitar history as a master builder of fine archtop guitars, and has become a well-known name, especially among jazz guitarists and those who trade in the vintage guitar market.

As is true of any modern heavyweight in the building game, those who are successful have been able to craft the finest instruments while at the same time put their unique artistic stamp on each work. Mark’s instruments, while relying on the style and tradition of earlier Gibson archtops, incorporate a well thought out artistic design that spans tailpiece to tuners. A blend of traditional hand-craftsmanship and modern technology, Mark’s guitars – at least for the moment – may be the last of affordable, high-end, handmade acoustic instruments.

As a youngster while learning to play guitar Mark began to develop an appreciation for instruments like the Gibson L-5 and Super-400. Those impressions would later resurface and influence him in the design and construction of his archtops. Combining quality materials, design artistry and expert craftsmanship, Mark produces instruments which establish him as one of today’s premiere builders of archtop guitars. He is a master of luthiery perfection whose vision is exceptional.

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