Mario Beauregard

World renowned master luthier Mario Beauregard has been exquisitely building high-end archtop and flattop guitars for more than 25 years.  His guitars are highly sought by players and collectors all over the world.

Mario apprenticed and worked with Ervin Somogyi and during that time he would drive from southern California up to the Bay Area on weekends to study with the late master luthier Taku Sakashta to learn about archtops lutherie.  

He is widely acclaimed for his amazing artistry that is especially evident in his facetted archtops.  They are all hand carved and the top plate supports a unique parallel bracing system. The result is a modern instrument with incredible acoustic qualities and playability.

All Beauregard guitars are handcrafted in a small shop near Montréal, Québec, in the picturesque small town of Saint-Denis-sur-Richelieu. Through many years of honing his skills and developing acoustic comprehension, Mario Beauregard’s reputation has been earned by producing the very highest quality acoustic instruments.  He has carefully chosen the finest tone woods from western Canada and Europe. 

It will be Mario’s honor and a pleasure to build an instrument that will suit the very high standard of the serious guitarist.