John Buscarino

John Buscarino is one of the few solo artisan luthiers working today, handcrafting guitars suited to each customer’s personal needs. His instruments are prized not just for the beautiful sounds they produce, but also as the cherished possessions they inevitably become.

John is unique among today’s guitar builders in that he apprenticed with not one but two master luthiers. The first was Augustine LoPrinzi, from whom John learned the finer points of building classical guitars.  John later worked with famed archtop builder Robert Benedetto, spending years perfecting the woodworking skills that today make him a master luthier in his own right.

John has created hundreds of exquisite guitars using proven methods passed down over generations. He constantly refines these time-tested techniques, taking each to new levels of perfection in mastering the art of lutherie.  His artist list includes George Benson, Russell Malone, Ron Affif, Gene Bertoncini, Corey Christiansen and many more, all keeping Buscarino’s handmade instruments in considerable demand.  To the collector, Buscarino guitars are sound  investments.

A guitar’s primary function is usually measured in musical terms: its ability to produce precise notes, chords and passages on demand. Consistency is the ultimate test of its perfection.  But to Master Luthier and craftsman John Buscarino, this is only a beginning.  With a custom instrument you get to choose the things that are most important to you. With his wide array of options and models to choose from he makes it easy for you to design the guitar that is just right for you.

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