Jim Triggs

Jim Triggs has been building instruments for over 40 years.  He is widely considered a world authority on Lloyd Loar mandolins and had already built between 130-150 instruments when Gibson sought his talents in 1986. Over the following six years, he was largely responsible for the transformation of the Bozeman Acoustic facility, as well as the Gibson Custom Shop in Nashville with emphasis on archtops. He also built one-of-a-kind “art” instruments and during his tenure personally signed the labels for over 700 others, the majority of which were archtop guitars.

Jim has built well over 1000 hand-made instruments including many archtop and flat top guitars for some of the country’s best-known artists such as Alan Jackson, Steve Miller, Marty Stuart, Mundell Lowe, Pat Martino and many others. One of his archtops was featured in the Smithsonian Institute Chinery Blue Guitar Collection. Today, Jim’s son Ryan works along side him in their Kansas City shop as they continue creating incomparable works of art and sound. Their instruments are considered to be immediate investments and he has customers from all over the globe.

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