Guillaume Rancourt

Located just north of Vermont in Quebec, Canada, luthier Guillaume Rancourt combines scientific principles with centuries old traditions of stringed instrument building to make instruments that are very responsive and easy to play, which helps to free each player’s musical inspirations. 

Hand-crafting custom musical instruments is his major passion while caring for your guitar and bass is always an exciting challenge as well.”

Guillaume was raised in a creative environment with his father and grandfather who were artisan craftsmen as well. It’s around the age of 13 that he made his first guitar, which fueled an instant attraction for the art and passion for building musical instruments.

Many years later, Guillaume’s passion is still burning and he has elevated his art to new levels. He is always looking to expand his knowledge of both past and modern techniques that help his creations resonate even more intensely with players.

With many custom projects always on his bench and an increasing number of artists using his instruments, Rancourt Guitars is enjoying a growing presence on the international level with even brighter hopes for the future.

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