Dan Smocke

Dan’s woodworking skills began at 13 years of age in wood shop class.  This is where he first smelled the aroma of walnut, maple and spruce and learned to use the tools of the trade to build a guitar.  In two short years he began doing setup and repair work on guitars at the local music store where he gave guitar lessons. Guitar construction came many years later when he officially established his company in 2005 and concentrates solely on archtop instruments.  
He is a self-taught luthier based on the teachings of John D’Angelico, James D. Aquisto, Irving Sloane, Robert Benedetto, Roger Siminoff, and many other master luthiers.  He concentrates his efforts on a full-time basis crafting unique, one of a kind instruments similar to the path Jimmy D’Aquisto took in his later career. 
Dan hand crafts custom six, seven and eight string archtop guitars in three series; the Professional Series, the Artist Series, and the Collector Series.  
Dan says, “I  pay close attention to every meticulous detail, especially the tone of the guitar.”  “The tonal complexity, clarity, depth, volume and “throatiness” of sound is constantly on my mind during the build process.”  
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