Bill Comins

Bill Comins began his career as a working guitarist and private instructor which led to a lifelong pursuit of exploring the intricacies of designing and building guitars with a special interest in archtop guitars.  Guided by the works of great guitar makers past and present, Bill has devoted much time and attention to key elements of the process such as wood selection, the modeling and graduation of the arched plates, the mass of individual components, sound-hole styling and placement, variables in geometric relationships, and the interaction with electronic amplification.  By fine-tuning his techniques to meet the objectives of each custom-build, Bill has gained a deep understanding of how individual components function in concert with each other and how they can be manipulated to craft instruments of distinction. 

His creativity has no limits. He attributes the success of his instruments to sensibilities acquired through his years of playing.  His natural instincts allow him to employ new innovations that distinguishes him from his peers.  What is learned from each newly created instrument is brought to the next.  Maintaining a one-on-one association with his customers, Bill remains mindful of each instrument’s intended use, and approaches every project with reverence.  Bill has built hundreds of custom instruments for clients worldwide, including professional musicians, educators, and collectors.  His work is renowned and has been featured in magazines, books, and formal exhibitions.  He is truly in a class by himself.  

The addition of the a totally new line of electric archtop models in the Guitar Craft Series has been very successful and is geared specifically to the working musician.  All of his incredible guitars are awaiting you at his website.  

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