Bill Comins

Bill Comins began playing guitar at an early age, eventually going on to study jazz guitar. His initial career as a musician and private instructor would inevitably give way to a lifelong pursuit of the art of luthery. Over the last 30 plus years, Bill has been dedicated to refining a line of instruments with a main focus on archtop jazz guitars.

Hallmarks of Comins Guitars include precise setup work, comfortable feeling necks, a clear and round high end, punchy mids, and a “broken in” or “old wood” sound. Guided by the works of great makers past and present, Bill has devoted much attention to considering elements and variables in geometric relationships, etc. This progression of fine-tuning has led to deep understanding of how components function in concert with one another.  What is learned from each newly created piece is brought to the next. Bill also attributes the success of his instruments to sensibilities acquired through his years of playing.  Maintaining a one-on-one association with his customers, Bill remains mindful of each instrument’s intended use, and approaches every project with reverence.  

The addition of the a totally new line of electric archtop models in the Guitar Craft Series has been very successful and is geared specifically to the working musician.  All of his incredible guitars are awaiting your review at his website.