Bill and George Fremediti

His will to learn how to play the guitar pushed young Greek, Bill Fremediti to the creation of his first acoustic guitar.  His father’s woodworking shop was the right place to begin his adventure because it offered him the right equipment for his goal.  So, at the age of 16, with the help of a hand-sized picture of an acoustic guitar and the stock of woods hanging around in his father’s shop, he managed to construct his first guitar and started to learn to play it. That was just the beginning.

The path forward was like so many other luthiers.  He went on to building solid body electric guitars for himself and friends until one night at a local jazz concert he was smitten by the sight and sound of the archtop guitar in the band.  He made the decision that this is what he wanted to do.  As time went on, Bill and brother George formed a business partnership located in Patras, Greece.  At Fremediti Guitars, they believe that an instrument should be an extension of the musician’s mind, hands and soul.  To create such exceptional and unique guitars, they use the same key elements.  Their mind uses all the knowledge they have collected over the last 25 years of guitar making.  Their hands use the best selection of tone woods together with the optimal materials for their custom pickups, and with the right tools, technology and tradition, they can give life to the guitar of your dreams.

But it is their soul that provides the energy of love and dedication to perfection, in order to achieve what their aim is that is the guitar of your life…. a Fremediti guitar!