John Reynolds - Archtop Guitar Dealer

In January 1999, after 8-1/2 years as the vintage instrument manager for a well-known New York fretted instrument dealer, John Reynolds left to start Golden Age Fretted Instruments in Westfield, New Jersey.

There is a saying that goes, “Don’t sell any guitar you don’t want to keep”. John has taken this as his personal motto. When he buys a guitar, be it new or used, that he is going to hang on the wall at Golden Age, it’s always a guitar he wants to own. He strives to bring you some of the finest guitars imaginable.

Golden Age’s focus has shifted in recent years. John has developed a keen appreciation for modern handcrafted guitars. In his words, “There has never been a time when more quality guitars have been built by individual luthiers than there are today – a real “Golden Age”. There is something magical about observing the creative processes of the builders and watching their work evolve. I owe a debt of gratitude to all the luthiers I have met and from whom I have learned so much.” John has also formed business affiliations with several of our luthiers.

To him, it’s all about relationships; John’s relationship with the instruments, the customer’s relationship with Golden Age and their relationship with the instruments they purchase. It’s the most enjoyable aspect of what he does. When discussing the business with others he always mentions that 99% of his interactions with customers are positive ones and that’s because he is doing what he loves.  He also sells other instruments and amplifiers of the highest quality.