Buying Guide for Electric Archtops

Electric archtops offer some of the best sound when it comes to making music. This is a classic guitar that is quite versatile. It works well in a variety of music genres, and professional and amateur musicians alike enjoy playing it. If you are looking into electric archtops, you might have a few questions on what to look for when making your decision on which one to buy. Here is a brief overview of what to think about.

Who are you buying the guitar for?

If you are looking into electric archtops as a gift for a loved one, like your son or daughter, think about their skill level. Are they a beginner trying to figure out if the guitar is the right instrument for them? Are they a professional musician and you want to buy them something special? While custom electric archtops are quite popular, you might not want to buy one for someone who is just learning how to play.

How much can you spend?

Custom electric archtops can get expensive, depending on the features and other bells and whistles you have installed. Keep in mind you might want to or need to purchase accessories for the new guitar too, like a tuner, amplifier, a case, extra strings, etc. Those can all definitely factor into the final cost. But if money is no object or you have a higher budget, then looking into customized electric archtops might be your best bet.

What do you want it to sound like?

Electric archtops have a distinct sound, so keep that in mind as you are browsing and making your decision. These guitars have a hollow body and are usually associated with jazz. They have a very rich and full tone and deep bass resonance. However, more and more people are using these guitars in other styles of music.

There are two other types of electric guitar body styles: solid body and semi-hollow body. But no matter what guitar you end up buying, you should be able to use it for years to come to make beautiful music!

These are just a few suggested guidelines on what to consider when buying a new guitar. If you need more guidance, let us know and we can help.

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